i don't have any particular theme here, although one may evolve eventually. these are all just collected writings that i've saved on my home machine over the years i've been reading news. now they're here for you to peruse. enjoy.

the majority of these files are just text - ie, they'll show up preformatted. i'm working on converting them into minimal html. many of them have ugly mail/news headers, horribly out of date email addresses, and frighteningly humorous ancient .signatures from days gone by.

some are unattributed, too. apologies to the real authors, whose headers have been lost in time and editing.

page last updated : sometime in '97. wow.

stuff i wrote
    a note about a silly UTA commercial
    another note about an even stranger snickers commercial
    a rant i posted to news.admin.net-abuse.misc about bob allisat.
    a tribune articule and accompanying musings
stuff that friends of mine wrote
    a rant a friend of mine sent when i was neglecting email
    a poem by dave debry about one of my christmas parties gone horribly awry
stuff by people i don't even know, but enjoy reading anyway
    talk.bizarre things
      ai in the number system
      carasso's fun with insects
      cat owners
      ceej's narcissism
      a cut on the tip of your thumb
      elvis and jesus: a comparison
      feline unix dreams
      giving blood
      god gets busted
      if i had a million dollars
      island of dreams
      long haired freaky people
      my love for her runs down her leg
      pictures of you...
      skiing instruction
      the adventures of decasecond man!
      the importance of the metric system
      the life of the common goldfish
      the violent femmes christmas album
      women and coffee
    alt.tasteless things
      almost home
      feline projectile vomitting
      the savior at a kegger